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Příští zastávka…

September 6, 2011

September 5, 2011

Well, journey to Prague, parts 1 and 2 complete. I’m sitting in London Luton airport, sipping my last Starbucks (I swear this time! Pretty sure I just drank a Frappuccino in LA telling myself it was my “last” indulgence in the overpriced drink, even more ridiculously priced in Europe. Yet here I am, with 4 hours to kill before check-in, sipping a tall soy mocha that cost me £3.50, which I suspect is somewhere in the range of $6-7.) Whatever, airport indulgences. It’s the same way I justify calling a bag of Chex mix and Junior mints lunch. Or breakfast. Whatever that last meal was at what felt like 4 in the morning but was really noon… oh traveling!

Anyway. Score points for Air New Zealand! I guess I have never been on a Boeing 777 before…it’s always been 767…oh how I love huge aircrafts! Also, this airline features a Richard Simmons safety video, free spirits and Haagen Daaz ice cream with dinner, all quite entertaining. Unfortunately, I chose to watch Black Swan before the “fake night time” and as a result, couldn’t sleep when it was supposed to be sleep time. Then had a pleasant, slumberful journey from London Heathrow airport to London Luton (although I stupidly, and Americanly, prounounced it “Lut-ON” instead of “Lut-in” in that nice proper British way.) I needed £21.90 for the bus between airports, but unfortunately, the money exchange lady only gave me £21.65, which I unhappily realized as I tried buying the ticket from the machine. Hmm, what to do….ask a random British person for 25 pence, or search around on the ground near the concession store…. Went with option 2 for awhile, before sucking it up and asking the ticket lady if they could put the remaining 25 pence on my debit card…she laughed and said it was fine to pay only £21.65. Score! I have a sneaking suspicion that wouldn’t have happened in Prague. Mostly because I would have messed up the whole conversation, and the customer service isn’t necessarily as “forgiving” as they could be anyway. Anyway, just barely avoided sleeping through the Luton airport stop, which was fortunate. That could have been a pain. Well clearly, I have too much time on my hands with 4 hours to kill as I have just detailed my last few hours of traveling…Příští zastávka, Praha!

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