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Things I’ve done in Prague so far:

September 12, 2011

*Arrived to my new flat at 1:30 am

*Finally acquired a bed in Prague that won’t fall apart if I move/cause me to fall off if I roll over

*Went swimming at a real swimming pool!!!
*Shot Prague through the eyes of a Canon Rebel 🙂

*attended a mini-fashion show and a VERY American bar which actually turns out to be quite fun

*Watched the laser show on the Astronomical Clock to celebrate its 600th anniversary

*Embarassed myself already far too many times in my new “I’m going to try to learn/speak Czech this time around” attitude. It’s going to pay off.

*Met my new team of teachers at the elementary school… can’t wait to get started and meet the kiddos!!

*Created my own planner/calendar in Czech (because they don’t carry the kind I like, and this girl is picky about planners.) But yay for homemade planners and learning the Cesky days of the week and months today!

*Landed a few odd jobs teaching at the Caledonian school, and private lessons

*Bought my 4th… yes 4th ticket to Bratislava, where I will have the fortune to enjoy the entirety of tomorrow on a bus for 8 hours to spend 15 minutes at the embassy. But, at least I can get my Bratty magnet. Does Bratislava deserve a magnet for remembrance purposes? Hmmm.

*Visited my favorite falafel man!!!

*Spoke Czechlish (in an INTERVIEW) …. “elicitate?!”

*Made plans to travel to Slovenia and Paris in the next 2 months 🙂 GRIN!!!

Well, that about sums up the first week back….lesson planning and a run through my favorite park overlooking the city are on the agenda for this Pondělí evening! 😉

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