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To není v létě….

September 24, 2011

I was bouncing outside this morning for a quick loop around Righrovy Sady, the park just by our flat. Stopping at the traffic crossing, I waited with an old man who appraised my outfit (t-shirt and shorts) with amusement. He said something that to me, sounded like, “Czech czech czech czech czech Zima czech czech czech” OH! I thought, I know that word, zima! Well, I thought it meant summer, so I gestured to my outfit and laughed, because yeah, I could practically see my breath and it was pretty chilly out… So we had a good laugh about that. And then about a few other things he mentioned that I pretended I understood. Although apparently, he was saying something about winter, because “zima” actually means winter… Anyway, it made my day to have a random interaction with a cheerful old Czech man. People like him help remind me to break down my stereotypes of Czech people (especially older ones) as grumpy, especially towards foreigners who do silly things like go jogging in shorts when it’s cold out. It just makes my day to share a laugh with a stranger in a foreign language…because after all, laughter is the universal language 🙂

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