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A beautiful weekend topped with cheese (and more cheese)

September 25, 2011

What a lovely weekend! Traveled about an hour outside of Prague to Karlstejn, a small town with a castle (aptly named, Hrad Karlstejn), where a group of about 9 of us enjoyed a wine festival complete with costumed knights, kings, queens, jesters, serpent-charmers, and jousters! We feasted our senses on the colorful costumes, quaint village, billions (it seemed!) of visitors and feasted our taste buds on the sweet burcak (young wine) and Czech sausages and trdelniks! All in all, a perfect day. A train ride later, we were home in Prague and celebrated my flatmate’s birthday with a nice little party at our place. Today was for relaxing, leisurely running, journaling, and above all, cooking. An elaborate plan turned into an even more elaborate endeavor, as Hannah and I chopped, cried, chopped more, cried more, minced, sauteed, measured and simmered our way to French Onion Soup Heaven. Yes, it is a real place, and yes, I have been there. All I can say is, I would rather spend my Sunday night no other way than taking photos of our oozy, gooey, bubbling masterpieces broiling away in the oven, waiting to be consumed with utter delight. 2.5 hours of cooking has never been more worth it. A tribute to the small pleasures in life- because really, when you get down to it… aren’t they the best anyway? 🙂

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